On the Outskirts of the Adult Industry

What do you do when you just know that you have been working for your escort agency for too long? I had been with Welling escorts for a bout ten years when I knew it was time for me to move on. I was still doing pretty well at the escort agency, but I was ready to face another challenge. Did I want to leave the adult industry? I did not really want to leave the adult industry in London, and started to think about alternatives which allowed me to stay in the adult service in London.


For the first six months after having left active service at Welling escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/welling-escorts, I worked on the reception of the escort agency. It was a little bit like a transitional period and I think it gave me a chance to think. Yes, I was starting to feel a little bit removed from actually escorting at Welling escorts, but I still felt part of the system if you know what I mean. I liked that feeling and just knew that I wanted to continue being part of this very special industry.


A girl I knew from another escort agency in London had set up her own food wagon and was now selling food around the sex festivals in the UK. I am sure that was  a really good idea, but I could not pretend that I could cook. She seemed to be doing well, and that just went to prove to me that there was still money to be made out of the adult industry in the UK. However, serving libido enhancing foods was not got going to be for me, so I decided to check out other ideas which could work instead.


I have always enjoyed sales so I thought that was something for me. My boss at Welling escorts wanted me to stay on, but I did not want to work on reception. I felt that I wanted to do something just for me, and I loved the thought of having my own business online, but I wanted it to be different at the same time. It was not long before I came up with an idea which really surprised all of the girls at Welling escorts. It was something that no one had thought about before.


My inspiration came from my friend with the food van. I had been to rather a few sex festivals in the UK myself and I knew that there was room for improvement.  They were okay, but there were a few things missing. The first thing I did was to set up my own website, and after that I bought a van. I stocked it up with all different sex toys and protection, and went off to my first sex festival. Did it work? You bet that it worked, I came back with a really good profit and on top of that, I had gained a lot of customers for my website. It certainly worked and to be honest, I was really surprised at the success of my new business which has allowed me to stay in the adult industry in the UK.

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