Is the Perfect Man Out There For Me

I love meeting men, but I am getting rather tired of hunting around for the right guy. Finding the right companion is not easy at all, and I can see why so many people are getting involved in open relationships. My boyfriend is great and I wish that I could merge him with the perfect man that I date at London escorts. Charlie has been coming to see me for a couple of months at London escorts, and while I adore him, I still think about my boyfriend when we are on a date.

Charlie is not the sort of guy you are ever going to tie down. He has explained that he has been into dating London escorts for a few years now as he thinks that variety is spice of life. I can see that, and perhaps it is his experience of meeting different women which has turned him into my dream man. Not all gents I meet at London escorts have become as special to me as Charlie, and if you ask me who is my all time favorite date, I would have to say Charlie.

Would I consider an open relationship? I can see the beauty of open relationships. Yes, I will put my hands up and say that I do become bored sexually very quickly, and just like Charlie, I do appreciate a little bit of variety. My boyfriend is great, but sometimes when I need that little bit extra, I do like to hook up with a guy from a male London escorts service. This is not your run of the mill male London escort. Before he joined London escorts, he was a porn star and is my ultimate dream date for a bit of fun.

Are women important to me? I have never had a full blown relationship with a girl, but I have kissed one. It felt so good that I did not think that I would be able to step. I felt my lips slowly move down towards her breasts, and she did not seem to mind. The next day, before I started my London escorts shift, I spoke to one of my London escorts colleagues about the experience. Sue is a bisexual London escort, and she made me feel alright about it. She asked me what I was so worried about.

What was I so worried about? I really don’t know what I was so worried about, and I guess carrying on kissing would not have done any harm at all. Perhaps the perfect partner for me is not a man at all. It could be that a woman is the perfect partner for me. Am I making life to complicated? Life is complicated enough when you work for a London escorts service, but I think that I just need to go with what feels right. It is okay to enjoy the company of both men and women. In what form you do that, is entirely up to you. Start kissing and find out where your lips take you might be the perfect answer.

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