The Story Of Two Virgin Friends

Young sexy couple lay in bed – only lingerie

Mary and Martha were two college friends whose friendship dated back when they were still kids. They lived in the same neighborhood and did all sorts of things together. They at one point dated the same guy out of curiosity but this never went as planned.

It was a coincidence that they all joined the same college and pursued the same course. So, they were more than just friends. There is also one thing they had in common, they were both virgins and had promised each other to lose it in their second year in college. When the time came, they didn’t have any ideal person in mind who would do the honors since they were both single.

They were very curios of their female bodies and were so eager to find out how sex felt. Half—way into their second year, they run out of options and decided to go to an online escort agency escorts in London to see if they could get two good looking teens to do it. They saw two attractive escorts and booked them for that night.

They didn’t want to meet them in their hostels and so they booked a hotel room. The two male escorts were right on time as agreed. They were exactly as the two girls had imagined. So far, everything was perfect. After talking and having some champagne, the two males approached the girls, kissed them and carried them to the bed. They were nervous and Mary stopped his escort before he could undress her. She asked for some more champagne and so did Martha.

The two escorts assured them that it was all going to be fine since this was not their first time with virgins. After a short chat, the escorts were back at it. They knew they had to give them intense foreplay to make them totally ready for it.

After a whole 30 minutes of fore play, the ladies were all wet and ready for it. Everything happened simultaneously. Now, the ladies knew there was no turning back. Martha screamed as his escort pushed his dick inside her while Mary tightly grabbed and bit a pillow. The dicks were already in. The escorts took it slowly and didn’t want to rush anything. It was still painful but after 15 minutes of it, Mary started mourning in pleasure. Martha was still not enjoying it. It was too painful. Her escort kissed her more and to ease the pain. Soon they were both loving it. The evening had just started and they knew they were going to have a long one.

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